Seeds of Faith

Seeds of Faith Campaign

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Seeds of Faith

As many of you know, the end of December 2012 marked the completion of our first full year of the three-year Seeds of Faith Campaign.  Having completed a full one-third of our latest capital campaign, the total amount of gifts received in the SOF fund at December 31 equaled 26% of the total amount pledged.  As of the end of this current month (February), we will have received in contributions an amount that is equal to not quite 30% of the amount that we originally considered to be the pledge total, which was $117,115. 

You’ll note the word originally in the preceding sentence.  The total value of the pledges made in the SOF campaign as reflected by what was recorded on pledge cards was $117,115, or so we thought.  We have since realized that one very large pledge was made in error, and thus have reduced the pledged amount to $100,885 to reflect that change. 

While a little disappointed that our earlier expectations may not be realized, we are equally grateful for the fact that some members who did not originally pledge are nevertheless regularly and faithfully contributing to the SOF fund.  As nobody but our Heavenly Father knows what the future has in store, we are sincerely grateful for the faith demonstrated by all those who continue to faithfully and graciously give to this important capital campaign.  We sincerely invite all members of Holy Shepherd to prayerfully consider giving regular gifts to the SOF fund over the remaining two years of the campaign.

A brief SOF Status Report was provided recently.  Members of the campaign committee will also be available following the Status Report to answer any questions concerning the SOF campaign.  In addition, if you made a pledge during the campaign, you will be receiving a statement showing the amount you have given to date so that you may track your progress toward meeting your pledge.  New members are especially invited to learn more about the wonderful plans that form the nucleus of the Seeds of Faith campaign.  We also encourage our new members to consider adding their pledge to the capital campaign as we move forward.

Our Lord has been faithful in His grace and in His generosity to Holy Shepherd.  While we don’t know what the future holds for us as a congregation, we do have many reasons to be excited about what the future could look like with His help and continued blessing!

Thanks be to God, who is always faithful, for the faithfulness of all those who are helping with Holy Shepherd’s Seeds of Faith capital campaign! 

As you can see from the progress chart, the Seeds of Faith are steadily growing.  Thank you again for your pledges and support of this effort to help grow our Lord’s harvest.  For those new members and others who would like to be a part of this effort, you are encouraged to make a pledge of your gifts to help increase the harvest.  Pledge cards are available from the Church office, and you are invited to fill one out and place it in the offering plate.  Separate envelopes for the Building Fund are included in your box of weekly offering envelopes.   You may also find some on the back of the pew. 

For information about Seeds of Faith, please contact Bill Stone at