“Music is a series of sounds specifically organized to convey a meaning or emotion in a way it could never be conveyed otherwise.”

In other words, music is the way we communicate when language just isn’t enough. It goes above and beyond our normal means of reaching out to one another. It opens a window, letting others see our souls.

The Holy Shepherd Music ministry strives to enhance reverent worship through various classical and liturgical pieces. We use voice, piano, organ and other classical instruments throughout various parts of the worship service.

Please join us on Sundays and share the musical talents God has given you in praise to Him. Please contact our Music Director for more information.

Adult Choir, 7th grade and older

The Adult Choir sings various pieces throughout the year composed in SATB or 2 to 3 part mixed. We are in need of all singing voices, and you do NOT need to read music. We have several members who do not read music, but rather sing by ear. Along with other singing dates, the Adult Choir participates in the Christmas Eve and Easter programs each season. The Choral season runs from August – April each year.

Practices: Sunday mornings, 8am in the Sanctuary


We use instruments at various times throughout the year, especially around Christmas and Easter. Currently, we have a Clarinet and a Baritone. We are looking for other classical, orchesteral instruments such as, flute, violin, oboe, trumpet, trombone, etc. If you are interested in sharing your God-given talents with our congregation, please contact our Music Director.

Choir Director: Michelle Pagel